Dictionary Definitions Humor

Because our goal is to create the dictionary you can understand we have a teDictionary Definitions Humoram of writers creating original, , straightforward definitions that actually make sense. Unlike traditional definitions, ours are written in complete sentences and feature example use cases.

In addition to intuitive, easy to understand and thorough definitions, Humor, there are also charts and tables, and over 4,000 pictures, it to understand hard concepts that word-only definitions just cant express.

The Ologies & Isms dictionary also contains definitions of words ending in graphy (a suffix relating to a field of study), -metry (the science of measuring), – philia (a suffix used in science to refer to attraction), and -mancy (a suffix related to the study of religion).

A panel of more than 200 experienced writers, scholars, and scientists contributed to The American HeritageĀ® Dictionary of the English Language,new york asian escorts 4th edition.

Isms refer to doctrines, conditions or characteristics. Relativism, for example, is the idea that everything is relative, while socialism, communism, and capitalism all refer to different theories of government.

Ideal for looking up definitions in every category and field, Websters New World College Dictionary contains over 150,000 entries including recent updates to reflect changes in technology, politics, and society.

Websters New World College Dictionary is so comprehensive that it is the official dictionary of the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, and many other leading newss.

Ology is a suffix derived from the Greek word that means knowledge. It refers to the study of. From biology (the study of physical life) to melissopalynology (the study of honey) to scelerology (the study of the outer coat of the eye ball), there are more ologies in the English language than you ever thought possible.

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Ologies & Isms is a guide to every academic study, discipline, and theory you might ever need to know.


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