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As a whole, LED HDTVs consume less electricity than other flat-panel technologies. They may also provide better contrasts and greater color reproduction.

Review: Aside from the high definition LED screen, 3D capability and next-generation connectivity to both the Internet and to other devices, probably the greatest thing about the Samsung D7000 LED TV is how nice it looks. This unit has apparently the thinnest bezel we have seen in a flat-panel screen, topping out at .2 inches. Being less than half an inch all around, it contributes to the illusion that the already-large screen is bigger than it actually is. The ultra-slim profile at 1.2 without the stand makes mounting this unit onto a wall a nice option and the metallic color gives a sleek and modern design element. It goes without saying, of course, that this HDTV is more than just plain good looks. A maximum resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels combined with the Auto Motion Plus technology that displays images at 240Hz makes every image, whether static or dynamic, leap off the screen without any noticeable blurring, even with high-speed images like sports or action scenes. The Ultra Clear Panel up the entirety of the screen also improves the overall image quality by absorbing ambient light instead of reflecting it. Using separate 3D glasses, a 3D-capable Blu-ray player or other 3D media brings you to a whole new dimension of visuals that must be experienced to be fully enjoyed. Connecting devices to this unit is seamless, with 4 HDMI ports, one composite and one component video input and one VGA port for connecting a PC being joined by three USB ports. You can also hook up a speaker system with its Digital Audio intece and get improved audio quality beyond what the onboard speakers can deliver. When it comes to networking, the D7000 boasts both an onboard wireless 802.11N intece as well as an RJ-45 port for Ethernet. The Samsung Apps Suite makes full use of these connections, delivering additional content both free and paid (depending on the publisher) straight from the World Wide Web. The remote control supplied with the TV has an integrated QWERTY keypad for input use. Networking the D7000 to other devices like PCs, Network-attached storage devices or game consoles is also virtually effortless. With all its advantages, there are a few things consumers might want to consider before getting the Samsung D7000 LED TV. First, it tends to be a little oversaturated in terms of colors, especially when freshly unpacked. There is noticeable backlight bleeding when the image being displayed is a visually dark one, but thankfully, this goes away quickly as the unit warms up. The price, too, is a concern, especially if you are working within a budget. Lastly, the QWERTY keypad can be a little difficult to use if you are not used to typing on small devices like mobile phones. Nonetheless, this is an excellent choice for a flat-panel TV and the features it carries will be definitely worth your money.

Cons: Semi-gloss finish, No built-in camera

Cons: Only two HDMI ports

Pros: Remarkable picture quality, Impressive 3D, Great styling, Tons of connectivity options

Review: Designed with an exceptionally-thin brushed titanium bezel and a matching swivel stand, the Samsung D8000 series fuses beauty with function. Its price may be a little over the top, but its probably due to the ct that it is poles apart from earlier and competing models. Aside from packing a solid feature set, it attracts attention with its almost frameless design that takes realism to new heights and at the same time, adds to the units already stunning aesthetics. This model renders amazing 3D visuals and offers Full HD 1080p content viewing. The Ultra Clear Panel not only reduces reflection from other light sources but also provides improved contrast and rich color. In comparison with most TV models, it has a web browser and more built-in apps. It also gives you wireless access to a large collection of movies, music, TV shows and other online content and even supports video calling through Skype. All the TV sizes in the D8000 series (46, 55, 60 and 65) are capable of converting 2D content to their best possible 3D quality and integrated with Micro Dimming Plus for optimized picture quality and Clear Motion Rate 960 technology which enables pristine rendering of st-action scenes and dramatically improves response rates. Using its swivel stand, you can rotate the screen up to 10 degrees and experience maximum viewing comfort. Also included with the purchase are two pairs of 3D Active Glasses. Connectivity isnt a problem as the unit comes with four HDMI inputs, three USB 2.0 ports, a PC input, 2 Composite inputs, a Component input and an Ethernet port, if you want a wired connection. You can even hook up compatible devices like cameras and camcorders and view digital content in the big screen, courtesy of AllShare and ConnectShare Movie. In terms of audio, there are two built-in 10-watt bottom speakers with SRS TheaterSound technology which deliver sound with power and clarity. A PC audio input (mini-jack), a DVI audio input and an audio output (mini-jack) are also present as well as some extra features like a built-in HDTV Tuner, V-Chip which gives parents peace of mind and Anynet+ for controlling all compatible devices without the clutter of too many controllers. While the backlit QWERTY Remote is a nice upgrade to the standard clickers, it is one of the few things in this TV that needs to be improved upon. It has a nice design but it is not easy to use, so purchasing a universal remote control is probably better. For the price, it is also quite disappointing that Samsung didnt skip the glossy finish, which is nice to look at, but in turn, makes the screen reflective. Nonetheless, Samsung has another strong contender in its lineup. The D8000 combines state-of-the-art technology with operation and it delivers outstanding image quality which can be considered superior across the board.

Cons: Contrast degradation issues, No Ethernet connection, Needs wireless adapter to connect to the Internet

Cons: Minor edge backlight bleeding, Keypad is a little hard to use

Cons: Limited apps, Reflective screen, No built-in camera

Pros: 1080p HD, Full LED backlight, Full Motion Rate for st-moving shows, VESA-compatible mounting anchors

Pros: Great design, Improved features, Internet-ready, Energy efficient

Pros: Outstanding image quality, Ultra-slim and classy design, Built-in Wi-Fi, Includes 2 pairs of 3D active glasses

Review: The number of features packed into next-generation TVs today is bewildering, especially for people looking to buy their first high-definition unit. Fortunately for them, the Samsung EH6000 series LED TVs positions themselves as a nice alternative to the feature-filled sets available on the market by simply concentrating on the most important aspect of an HDTV; that is, exceptional picture quality, and leave off all the other bells and whistles. At first glance, the Samsung EH6000 series, which comes in 40, 46, 50, 55, 60, and 65 inches, looks like every other HDTV set: a big screen combined with a minimal profile and bezel, and supported by a stand at the base. The profile of this unit is actually a tiny bit thicker than the usual, since the unit employs full LED backlighting rather than simply being edge-lit, as is the case with many other LED monitors. On the other hand, the full LED backlight that adds to the units dimensions also add to its best asset its overall image quality. Samsungs EH6000 delivers amazing video quality courtesy of its native 1080p resolution, rivaling the Korean corporations high-end offerings. While that in itself is enough for everyday viewing, Samsung ups the ante by including the Clear Motion Rate, or CMR feature into this particular model. What this means is that programs with st-moving images, such as sports shows, are rendered by the EH6000s with more detail and sharper contrast without distorting the image. It also has the Wide Color Enhancer function that amplifies the amount of color saturation of its video images, bringing them to vivid life. For media like movies, Cameras music, or video that are stored on a removable drive, Samsung offers the ConnectShare system on the EH6000 which can open a wide variety of file formats. This eliminates the need for another device to connect the unit to in order to play back the stored media; all thats needed is to insert a USB stick into the available port at the back of the EH6000 and let the TV do the rest. As mentioned, the Samsung EH6000 series is a welcome alternative to multifunction TV sets, especially if TV-based Internet access isnt that important. If anything, the lack of high-end features on this TV set helps because it does bring the price down to a more budget-friendly range. That being said, the lack of a few other conveniences on the EH6000 series, such as only having two HDMI ports and a single USB port in addition to component video and Digital Audio Video out terminals, does bring down the advantages somewhat. Another thing about the EH6000 TVs is that the supplied stand with the unit seems a little weak, and tends to make the TV tilt forward at an angle. Luckily though, the EH6000s have VESA compatible mounting points that allow the TV to be more securely attached to a wall or some other fixture.

Consumer Passion is based on our proprietary algorithm based on the number of positive votes (as reviews) and adjusted by the percentage of negative votes.

True HD, or High Definition TVs, have a native resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels, and have LCD, LED or Plasma technology screens.

Review: LGs LM6200 allows you to play games, participate in video conferences and see movies in a whole new light. It employs edge-lit technology which, aside for being more common today, makes the TV as thin as it could be. Without wearing bulky glasses like those that come with TV sets that feature active 3D, you can enjoy an upgrade in video and immediately learn the advantages of passive 3D. 2D to 3D conversion is also offered for viewing 2D movies in near-3D quality. While the idea sounds quite appealing, one cannot expect it to provide picture as stunning as 3D Blu-Ray DVDs. Still,new york asian escort the LM6200 series comes with gorgeous picture along with respectable sound quality which, we must say, is quite amazing given the dimensions of the TV. Furthermore, it features LG 3D Depth Control for customizing your 3D experience and you can choose freely from large screen sizes starting from 32, 42 and 47-inch to 55 and 65-inch models. Combined with TruMotion 120Hz technology, you would surely appreciate sports and st action scenes more and expect little to no blur. The TVs functionality doesnt stop with letting you watch movies, play games and the like. It extends to usual tasks like viewing content stored on various devices, from your external hard drive, smartphone or tablet, for example. Gamers can also take pleasure in full-screen, two-player gaming. Unfortunately, the LM6200 has no built-in camera but users can buy an LG camera separately for use with messaging applications including Skype. On a side note, the use of cameras from other brands is not possible, except for the one being offered by LG. The screen is quite reflective too which can be annoying in a room that has many windows or during daylight. To compensate for excessive lighting and give the best possible picture in any lighting condition, an intelligent sensor is featured. As for set-up, it only takes a few minutes. In addition to having four HDMI ports, picture adjustments are available and you can choose from wired or wireless internet connection. The LM6200 includes the usual set of apps but we admit that it could use a wider array of apps. Instead of the conventional remote, a magic remote comes supplied with the package. The magic remote may be hard to use at first considering that it has no keyboard nor does it have backlighting, but it is definitely a step-up and a good way to explore the latest advancements in TV technology.

Review: It is a step down in terms of size from the larger EH6000 series, but the Samsung EH5000 LED HDTV series retains much of the feature set carried by the higher model range. This mid-range set, consisting of 32, 37, 40, 46, and 50-inch variants, drops the smart TV functionality in vor of a more basic one, but excels in the all-important aspects of response time and image quality. As with other LED-based flatscreen models, the EH5000 series keeps the depth of the unit to a minimum, it perfect for small areas like bedrooms, dorm rooms, or small living rooms. However, this particular product line is relatively thicker at around 4 inches than comparable products, probably because it uses full LED backlighting as opposed to merely being edge-lit. The trade-off happens with the picture quality though; since the backlighting covers a bigger area than the usual, colors appear much brighter, more vivid and more natural. Up front, the bezel on the EH5000 series is likewise trimmed down to the least possible size. The screen has a matte finish which cuts down on reflections from ambient light, as well as on smudges and fingerprints. Behind the screen are the intece ports aside from the VESA-compatible mounting points of the EH5000s. Similar to the higher EH6000s, the EH5000s have a limited set of connection options which may be an issue for people looking to connect different accessory appliances to it. All models belonging to the EH5000 series only have two HDMI ports, one USB, one component video, and a Digital Audio Video port, so theres a need to choose the right appliance to hook it up with. Being a basic HDTV series, the Samsung EH5000s emphasize better image quality over the smartphone-style functions that have become popular as of late. The 1080p resolution works wonderfully, especially with compatible content like Blu-Ray discs; coupled with the EH5000s Wide Color Enhancer Plus function, and the colors onscreen bursts into vibrant life. Cue up the Clear Motion Rate 120 feature for st-moving scenes and you get an overall clearer view with less distortion thanks to the increased refresh rate of the TV. Finally, connect a removable storage device to the USB port on the EH5000 and you can immediately play back content using the ConnectShare function. The Samsung EH5000 LED HDTV series works as a splendid choice for people who are just transitioning into HDTVs from CRT-based models, or for those who dont intend to use their TVs as a second computer. The lack of next-generation features helps keep the price down, which is another great plus point for the series. Its lack of intece ports however holds back the EH5000s, even more so if you consider that HDMI connections can be used to amplify the sound coming from the TV, which, in the case of slim TVs, is meager at best. All in all though, the EH5000s are a prime choice for HD television sets.

Review: Unlike the latest breed of TVs from other manucturers, the LG LM7600 has no built-in camera for video chatting with your mily or friends through Skype or other similar applications. The TVs semi-gloss finish means that reflections will also be quite visible. But despite these caveats, if you love watching movies at home and you want to do it in spectacular shion, the LG LM7600 series will put your old TV to shame and make everyone jealous. Picture quality is staggering and the TV is slim and beautiful, with a razor-thin bezel. Six pairs of 3D glasses are included to allow users to experience impressive 3D, similar to the ones you get in theatres. LGs 3D Depth Control ensures more personalized 3D viewing, enabling anyone to adjust the depth of 3D effects, whereas 3D Sound Zooming sees to it that in addition to watching in 3D, youre also able to hear everything in 3D. The Resolution Upscaler gives original content a resolution upgrade and the 2D-to-3D conversion feature transforms old movies into 3D so that you wont have to wait for 3D releases just to enjoy your vorite movies in a more immersive manner. The LM7600 series come in larger screen sizes, 47- and 55-inch to be exact. These sizes make watching and even browsing more fun for everyone. You can stream content from various content providers, go to the App store or browse using the web browser which supports HTML 5. It is Skype-ready but an additional camera is required for ce-to-ce conversations. The TV is also ideal for two-player gaming and for sharing photos, video or audio files from your storage devices through the LM7600s USB ports or from your PCs, smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices via Wi-Fi. Tons of connectivity options are provided including an onboard Wi-Fi, 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports. The LG LM7600 includes the magic motion remote which has three modes of operation: Pointing, Gesture and Wheel. It is an upgrade to conventional remote controllers, looking a lot like a Wii remote. We must say that it is not for everyone as it takes some time to get used to if youre not a regular Wii-user. However, users could always opt for a universal or a multi-function remote control if they find the magic motion remote to be less helpful or difficult to use.

Cons: Only two HDMI ports

Cons: Remote is difficult to use, Too expensive, Glossy finish

While most models have a deult refresh rate of 60 Hz, some models have a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is great for watching live events like concerts or sports.

Review: The Samsung D6000 series is one of this years entry-level HDTVs from Samsung. It has most of the standard high-end features present in nearly all of the other offerings from the product line and as an added bonus, corrects a few flaws found in previous releases. To start with, it has a screen bounded by a half-inch thin elegant and high-gloss bezel in piano black. The eye-catching design is enhanced by a clear acrylic border tinged with a slight reddish hue for greater style. This design effectively gives the illusion that this TV has a bigger screen size than it actually does. The profile is -thin at 1.2 inches without the base, and the screen refreshes at 120Hz, with an improved Auto Motion Plus and Clear Motion rate features that eliminate motion blur and increase clarity for more lifelike action – perfect for live events like sports, news or concerts. The Auto Motion Plus feature, in particular, has been tweaked for better rendering than the version found in other models. This HDTV is energy efficient too. A sensor adjusts the amount of backlighting the LED screen gives off, depending on the ambient light of the room which equates to lesser power consumption. It also has full HD capability with 1080p resolution and four HDMI inputs at the side of the unit. Color reproduction, in general, is accurate and vibrant thanks to the Wide Color Enhancer. On the other hand, it does have some apparent contrast degradation issues. Darker tones begin to appear grayish blue to viewers sitting rther away from the center and reaches its peak at around a 30-degree angle from the middle. The Ultra Clear Panel screen that cuts down on the glare does its part, but the best solution, of course, is to sit as close to the middle as possible. This model belongs to the Smart TV line as well, and thus, is Internet-ready. The Samsung Apps platform of web-based applications is fully represented here and is easily accessible with the touch of a menu button. However, it can only accessPlasma LCD Televisions Cameras the Internet through a wireless intece rather than a wireless and wired combination. When getting the TV, be sure to grab the separate wireless adapter as well. With regards to controls, the Samsung D6000 LED TV comes supplied with a nicely backlit remote and has a simplified menu system redesigned from the one in earlier models, which was quite confusing aside from being a little hard to read.

Pros: 1080p HD, Full LED backlight, Full Motion Rate for st-moving shows, VESA-compatible mounting anchors

Pros: Excellent design combined with state of the art features, 3D capable, Advanced connection options

Pros: Incredible 3D, Respectable sound quality, Straightforward set-up

HDTVs are the best option for those who want an upgrade to their standard TVs. But because they differ in sizes, designs, resolutions and features, deciding which one to get can be a daunting task. With so many brands and features to choose from, careful consideration is needed. If you are buying an HDTV for the first time and you are confused about the difference between 720p and 1080p or 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rates or you just really want to get an excellent value for your money, IntelliReview can help. With our unique ranking system that leverages the power of the people by collecting positive and negative reviews for televisions on a wide range of websites, we are able to offer you the most bang for your buck. IntelliReview is the home of the top 10 HDTVs as picked by you, the consumers. Our proprietary formula makes it easy for you to quickly see the top televisions available, regardless of your budget. If you want to find the best televisions start browsing below for quality HDTVs at great prices or if you know what you want, filter the list for 3D, LCD, LED, or plasma TVs.


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