Core (Stone Temple Pilots album

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Regarding the albums initial reception, Weiland told Entertainment Weekly in 2008, It was really painful in the beginning because I just assumed that the critics would understand where we were coming from, that these just werent dumb rock songs.

The first recorded track for the album, the 96 second Wet My Bed, emerged from an improv session between vocalist Weiland and bassist Robert, who were alone in the studio. Producer Brendan OBrien can be heard at the end of the track, walking into the room and saying All right, now what? The rest of the album was recorded in a matter of five weeks, after which the band decided on the name Core, referring to the apple of the Biblical story Adam and Eve.

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Core is the debut album by the American rock band Stone TeCore (Stone Temple Pilots album,mple Pilots, released on September 29, 1992 through Atlantic Records. The album, which peaked at 1 on the chart and 3 on the Billboard 200,

You know how when you listen to a Led Zeppelin album, you listen to the entire album, not just the odd song? We wanted to make a record like that. We wanted to create a vibe which would run right through the whole album.

I feel very strongly that all individuals, regardless of age, race, creed or ual preference, should have the freedom to exercise their rights as human beings to enjoy life, pursue what they want and feel comfortable about who they are. I guess I tend to find the darker sides of life more attractive than the yellows and oranges. I know its something that I relate to when I listen to music.

Core,new york asian escort model as a debut album, displayed the bands attempt to revive the album-oriented music approach of the 1970s. Striving to create an intense and emotional sound, vocalist Weiland has said that the main theme of the album is that humanity is confused, with songs like Sex Type Thing and Naked Sunday dealing with social injustice. Sex Type Thing, according to Weiland, deals with abuse of power, macho behavior, and humanitys attitude toward women, treating them as objects. Naked Sunday, according to Weiland, is about organized religion. About people who tell others what to do and what to believe. They switch off peoples minds and control the masses. It gives me a feeling of isolation, when I think about it. Organized religion does not view everyone as equals.

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Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B rating, saying Stone Temple Pilots hit Sex Type Thing could be Mike Tysons rape defense transcribed into grunge rock. Its unclear whether STP, which sounds like it has crash-landed Pearl Jam into Alice in Chains, is condemning or identifying with its narrator. With a real point of view, this band could be bigger than an accident.

However, the album still received mixed reviews overall. Music journalists often blasted the band as rip-offs of grunge bands such as Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

Robert DeLeoWicked Gardens lyrics deal with the loss of innocence and purity, while Sin addresses violent and ugly relationships. The song No Memory, a musical interlude between Wicked Garden and Sin described as Zeppelinesque, was written by guitarist Dean DeLeo.

Plush won the 1994 Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance. Stone Temple Pilots also won the MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist award at the 1993 MTV Music Video Awards.

The sharp divide between the bands growing nbase andCore their critics was evident: in the midst of the albums success, Core the band was simultaneously voted Best New Band by Rolling Stones readers and Worst New Band by the magazines music critics in January 1994.

The album was released on September 29, 1992, the same day as the Alice in Chains album Dirt. Both albums are generally regarded as the bands best album and both are multi-platinum albums.

In October 2011, Core was ranked number ten (preceded by Eric Claptons acoustic live album Unplugged) on Guitar World magazines top ten list of guitar albums of 1992.


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