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My wife wants a camera she can carry in her purse that takes a quick picture and good video to easily capture some memories while out with the boys. Any suggestions?

I purchased this camera from Overstock, when I got it I found that it was not what I wanted. I came in great shape, has a lot of features but I need something like a 7D. I have purchased many things from Overstock and this is the first time I had sent something back. Again the camera arrived new, great condition. They made sending it back very easy and very nice about it.

5.0So r the battery is working fine with my Nikon D3100; the cameras functionality is working fine as well. I was leary about getting a non-OEM battery after reading the many reviews, but I guess getting a decoded battery was the ticket. A great second battery at a great price.

Awesome review–I always get scared about buying a caCamerasmera, like Im going to make the wrong choice. This info helps!

This camera is amazing. Easy to use, amazing quality pictures, and the 1080hp video is just as good, if not better, than more expensive cameras. The T2i covers all my needs and has r surpassed my expectations,new york escort Ill be keeping this one for a long time. The file size of the pictures are really large, Cameras I guess because they are high quality. So I would suggest getting a compressing program if your going to be emailing or sharing the pictures a lot.

4.0This was good for a general all around purpose tripod. Not for a rugged outdoor setting unless great care is taken.

Im a new mom and am looking for a digital camera that I can capture those special moments. Nothing too complicated and too pricey. I have no idea what I should be looking at. I dont need all the whistles and bells, just an easy to use anCameras and Photod high quality camera. Any suggestions?

Hello Keags, with digital Cameras the main thing that you want to look at when taking a quality picture would be the Megapixels. The higher the Megapixels, the better the picture you will take. If you are looking for ease of funtionality, you would wants whats called a point and click camera. We do have several options available.The following web address would be the listings we have for point and click cameras. Remember when going through these the higher the Megapixels (MP) the higher…

You can not beat the canon g12…I am a professional photographer and nearly every professional I know uses the canon g12 for their vacation pictures….The shutter speed is st and the video is excellent

The T2i is a great trainer camera in my opinion, I have one as my second camera as I moved up to a 60D. Does great video but buy body only and get a Canon Lens, Tamron and Sigma are good too. I dont like the ISO range on the T2i and the body is indeed light but its still a good camera.

The T2i is a great camera. It has the same size sensor as the 7D and 60D but its several hundred dollars cheaper. They all shoot amazing 1080p24 as well as 720p60. One thing I wish these cameras could do is shoot 1080p60 or 720p24. Maybe next camera. I personally own the 7D and love it. I wouldnt buy the T2i mainly because of the UI. Its not very intuitive and some often used functions are several layers deep in the menu. Another thing is its smaller. Its a plastic encasing which isnt qui…

Hi jpk7, We have some suggestions for you. Heres a link to our point and shoot cameras, listed by the review ratings of other customers. This will hopefully help you find the camera that is best for her needs. If you have any questions about a specific camera, please let us know and well be very happy to get the answers that you need. Thanks!


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