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Perspex prints look great on the wall. It gives your photos a very different, modern look. This article explains how to assess the quality on offer from a retailer, guide prices and general tips on what to look out for.

Chasing The Light

There are a lot of different Digital SLRs to choose from. If you would like a bit of help and guidance to ensure you select the best Digital SLR or Compact System Camera for you then check out the Guide to Buying a Digital SLR. It takes you through the key features explaining how each one can make a difference to your photographs. There is also has a section covering recommended models.

If you know the type of digital camera you are looking for and would like to head straight to camera reviews please follow one of these links:

See All Photography Books

Digital Cameras 200 – 300


Quick Snap Guide to Digital SLR Photography

These cameras tend to be very similar in terms of features and design to pocket cameras. As well as being a little larger you may get a bit more zoom power. There are not a great number of cameras to choose from in this category. Those that are available are usually easy to use.

Digital Cameras 50 – 100

Rating: 83/100

Canvas Prints are a great way to show your vourite photos. This article explains what to look out for when buying your prints. It runs through how much you might expect to pay and the pitlls you should look out for.

The Sony Nex-5 gives you Digital SLR picture quality and features in a camera body that is the size of a compact digital camera. Picture quality is eye catching.

Advanced Digital Cameras Guide Price 250 – 400

If you are not sure what type of digital camera you are looking for click on the links below to find out more about each type of digital camera. You will also find recommended cameras in each section.

Rating: 87/100

These are a cross between an advanced compact digital camera and a Digital SLR. They have the small design of a compact digital camera and the features of a Digital SLR. You can expect very good build quality and picture quality, plus a wide range of features. This type of camera is relatively new to the market. It is aimed at someone that sees photography as a hobby.

Digital Cameras 300 – 500

Olympus Digital Cameras

There are plenty of books that help you understand the technical aspects of photography. Where Learning to See Creatively differs is that it helps to train your eye so that you can see photographs in every day scenes. This book is ideal for you if you wonder how some people seem to have the ability to get a great photo out of an almost mundane scene.

Extra Zoom Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras Under 50

The Canon Powershot SX260 HS is an extremely popular camera. It has a great range of features and plenty of zoom power in a compact body.

Digital CamerasCameras 100 – 150

Simple and Easy Guide Price 60 – 120

Canon Powershot G12

Major Features

Digital Cameras 500 – 1000

Shutter Times

The guide is all about sure that when you are ready to buy you can buy with confidence knowing you have selected the Digital SLR that is right for you at the right price.

Digital Cameras Over 1000

Waterproof Digital Cameras

Super Zoom Guide Price 150 – 350

Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ48

Nikon Digital Cameras

Canon Digital Cameras

Pocket Sized Digital Cameras Guide Price 120 – 300

The Quick Snap Guide to Digital SLR Photography describes itself as an Instant Start Up Manual for New Digital SLR owners. Ideal if you are a beginner. If you are a new Digital SLR owner and would like to develop a clearer understanding of apertures and shutter speed and how you can use them to improve the way your photos look this could well be a good starting point for you.

Rating: 86/100

Advanced Digital Cameras

Where to Buy

See All Photography DVDs

Stylish Digital Cameras Guide Price 120 – 300

Mastering Digital SLR Photography teaches you how a DSLR works, how to master the controls this type of camera offers and how to compose your photos. The main thrust of this book covers the technical aspects of a Digital SLR and how you can use them to add an extra creative touch to your photographs.

Digital Cameras

Most digital cameras are very fragile and you have to take great care with them to avoid damage. Robust digital cameras can cope with lls from modest heights. They can also cope with extreme weather. Models are waterproof too. The depth at which cameras can operate at varies, so check the specification before buying.

Are you looking for a digital camera that is to use? This type of model are the most basic digital cameras around. They are small, compact and easy to use. The biggest downsides can be picture quality and shutter delay. Build quality can also be noticeably lower.

Sony Digital Cameras

Rating: 90/100

Rating: 86/100

Panasonic Lumix DMC S3

Simple and Easy Digital Cameras

Fuji Digital Cameras

The Canon IXUS 125 HS offers you the perfect combination of picture quality, style and true pocket size. It is hard to beat for the price.

Compact System Cameras

As well as being able to cope with bumps,new york asian escort Cameras, bruises and water the Panasonic Lumix DMC FT10 is the best of the bunch when it comes to picture quality and ease of use.

Panasonic Lumix DMC FT10

Super Zoom Digital Cameras

If you would like to learn the basics of using natural light then this DVD can help you. It is ideal for someone just starting out with a digital camera or SLR. Philip Dunn is the presenter of this DVD. Philip has countless years experience as a professional photographer and also has a background in running photography courses and holidays.

Extra zoom digital cameras are one of the most popular types of model. This is down to the flexibility they offer. You get plenty of zoom power in a relatively compact size. Many of these cameras offer advanced manual controls. This combination may make them especially attractive to you if you are planning a holiday.

Learning To See Creatively

Digital SLRs

Rating: 78/100

Do you need maximum zoom power (up to 35x)? If so these are the cameras for you. They are packed with plenty of advanced features. Lenses normally offer wide angle capabilities as well as the more obvious zoom qualities. The zoom power is likely to come in handy if you are interested in sports or wildlife photography. This type of digital camera is much larger in size than the cameras you find in the Extra Zoom category.

Digital Cameras 150 – 200

This DVD offers 165 absorbing minutes of advice to help you improve your wildlife photography. The information is presented in an easy to understand way and helps you to develop plenty of new ideas that will help you to produce better wildlife photography shots. The wildlife in the DVD can be found around the British Isles. If you like wildlife then you are likely to get considerable enjoyment out of watching this DVD aside from all the useful tips you can pick up.

These have similar features to a Digital SLR, but come is a much smaller body size. Picture quality and build quality are outstanding. These cameras may also interest you if you are looking for a second camera to a larger Digital SLR. This type of camera is ideal for someone that takes photography seriously.

Looking for extreme zoom power and plenty of features to get your teeth into? Based on picture quality and price the Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ48 is the best in category.

If you are looking for a small, stylish digital camera then this is likely to be your type of camera. Features can vary greatly as can price. An increasing number of pocket sized digital cameras offer touch screen control. You will also find more choice in this category than any other with a wide range of models for you to choosCameras Digitale from.

More Guides

Digital SLR Guide Price 250 – 6000

Memory Cards

Rating: 80/100

Pocket Sized Digital Cameras

Better Photography

Digital SLRs

Mastering Digital SLR Photography

Would you like to improve your landscape photography? David Noton is one of the U.K.s top landscape photographers. This DVD tutorial teaches you the basics of the subject so you can create your own masterpieces. Subjects covered include the best time of day to take landscape photos and how to compose your photos for maximum impact.

Extra Zoom Guide Price 140 – 290

Rating: 86/100

Rating: 81/100

The Panasonic Lumix DMC S3 offers great value for money. Picture quality, response times, and ease of use are all extremely impressive.

Rating: 82/100

Robust / Waterproof Guide Price 125 – 330

Rating: 82/100

If you are serious about photography and are looking for quality and flexibility then a Digital SLR is likely to be the type of camera that is right for you. These cameras have the widest range of features, plus great flexibility through the ct you can change lenses to maximise any photo opportunity.

If you are looking for true quality in a compact digital camera then the Canon Powershot G12 has everything. It offers you great picture quality, features and build quality.

Rating: 83/100

Go Wild with Your Camera

Canon IXUS 125 HS

Sony Nex-5

Panasonic Digital Cameras

Canon Powershot SX260 HS

Rating: 84/100

Compact System Cameras Guide Price 350 – 900

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to buying a digital camera the Buyers Guide can point you in the right direction and help to ensure you buy your ideal digital camera. The guide runs you through the different types of camera you can buy and also recommends the best digital cameras in each category.


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