Humor Welcome

(Pics via Imgur and BuzzFeed)

This week, two VIPs learned a very important life lesson: You cannot control the internet.  When you do, you end up poking the bear, and before you know it, images like these show up:

So basically, the internet is like a giant spoiled child who screams, No!  Ill do what I want!  Youre not my real dad! at anyone who tells them to grow up.  Which… Im not gonna lie, I kind of love.

I know this pseudo-holiday can go either way — some people love it, while others hate it with the heat of 1,000 suns. Since I handle just about every occasion by seeking out the humor in it, I found eight very funny Valentines Day themed articles, videos, and lists that will make you smile no matter what kind of day you have planned.

Nothing says, love like planning their funeral in advance.

I had a good time laughing at Jimmy Kimmels latest installment of his Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets series today, and I even went ahead and made a list of my vorite 15 Celebs Reading Mean Tweets.  I could watch these all day, and not just because of my

I suppose that dealing with anonymous internet haters is a ct of life when youre mous.  Heck, Humor,new york escort its even a ct of life even when youre not mous, trust me.  At least stars are well compensated for being called names and otherwise insulted.  The rest of us just do it for free!

Why you cant tell the interwebz what to do.Recently VIPs Beyonce and the White House learned that the internet cant be tamed, even if you ask nicely.

Can you feel that?  As we speak, people all over the world are crouched over their laptops, giddily creating Russian Meteor memes.  Thats whats so cool about memes; they reflect on the human experience, and they provide commentary on current events like nothing else.  Oh yeah, and theyre also funny.

Just when I had dotted the last i and crossed the last t on a new article about the best new memes of 2013 (so r), a meteor crashed into Russia and spurred another new humor trend.

It doesnt matter if youre the the president or a megastar celebrity, the internet can and will create hilarious viral images and memes that make fun of you.  If the White House and a ncy publicist tries to make them stop, they will respond with a resounding, Nope!  Theyll also create even more Photoshops and gifs if you tell them not to.

Well see if this meteor meme has staying power, or if its just a flash in the

Just remember, if youre spending this day alone, at least youre spending time with someone you (hopefully) love.  And if youre spending the day with a partner, just be glad if they dont get you this as a gift:

Some of you observant folks might have noticed that today is Valentines Day.  Happy V-Day to all of you love birds out there, and happy Be Constantly Reminded That Youre Single day to everyone else!

Image courtesy of Mashable.

totally normal girl-crush on Anna Faris.

pan.  In the meantime, check out the best memes of the year soHumor Welcome r, from Unflattering Beyonce to Lights Out At The Super Bowl.  Have a great weekend!


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