Intel to Debut Dual-Core Atom Processor at MWC

Intel will be unveiling its new components at MWC in Barcelona this year. Hit up the links below for more info!

Intel is planning keep devices featuring the single-core Atom architecture in their business plan, using these devices to break into emerging markets.The dual-core Atoms will reportedly be used in higher-end devices,placing Intel in a precarious position competing with the likes of Qualcomm, whose processors reside in most smartphones today. No specs have been released about the new Atom processors, but with dual GPU, Hyper-Threading technology and dual cores, Intel may just produce a solid component.

Intel is looking to make a big splash at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year by announcing their latest smartphone technologies, namely its dual-core Atom processor,new york escort at the event. Intel has taken a back seat in the mobile market for some time now, but surprised us last year by producing SoCs for smartphones, used in devices such as the Motorola RAZR i. Intels mobile processors so r have been based on a sinIntel to Debut Dual-Core Atom Processor at MWC,gle-core architecture, but we have heard from Intel that dual-core components were in the works, and we are expecting to see these unveiled at MWC.

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[Via: PocketNow, Intel]

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