Core Were expecting the Nexus 5 this week

HTC Nexus One

This week on the CNET Tech Review: Samsungs Galaxy Nexus is a little flimsy,Core but Ice Cream Sandwich sure is tasty; the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet offer readers true tablet functionality; and get to know Google Music.

In Buzz this week, the phone that will take the smartphone arms race nuclear, Googles mapping YOU, and the Apple-Samsung cat fight goes on.

Hulu announces that South Park is coming for its premium subscribers, LulzSec is accepting takedown requests via an old-shioned hotline, and Boy Genius Report gets an exclusive first look at the next flagship Android phone, the Nexus 4G.

Whats up Googles sleeve for tablets and phones? Googles Sundar Pichai will host a media event Wednesday, and some rumors suggest well see a new Nexus tablet. But the bigger buzz is around Googles launch next week of the customizable Moto X phone. CNETs Sumi Das and Seth Rosenblatt have the Inside Scoop.

Google unveiled its Android Nexus 7 tablet last week and so r, its gotten rave reviews. Sumi Das sits down with CNET senior editor Eric Franklin to talk about consumers appetite for smaller, cheaper tablets.

Inside Scoop: New rumors on Nexus tablet, Moto X phone

Google Nexus 4G

The Nexus 7 Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Though Googles flagship phone of the season boasts a pure and elegant Android 4.2 Jelly Bean experience, a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, and a vivid 4.7 screen, the unlock models lack of 4G LTE capabilities is a letdown.

Created: 10/29/2013 Googles own flagship phone has been targeted to drop this week and a CNET exclusive report finds Google is building something top secret in the Bay.

Google Nexus 4G: Destroyer of smartphones

Molly Wood drops, freezes, overheats and soaks the Google Nexus 7. Do you get what you pay for with this $199 tablet?.

Ep. 1125: Exclusive report on the Google Nexus One

Some enterprising hackers have rooted the Barnes and Noble Nook giving them unrestricted access to the underlying Android operating system. Black and white tablet FTW! We also get the exclusive from Jason Howell about the new Google phone known as the Nexus One. And those crazy Scandinavians get to try out LTE first. Good on ya Nordic peeps!

Googles partnership with HTC has created one of the hottest Core Were expecting the Nexus 5 this weekphones on the market. Were here to showcase why its great and where it needs to improve.

Dont mess with Nexus

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-Googlicious. Googlicious. -Whats up? Brian Tong here and welcome to Googlicious for everything Google that we could pack inside of a show each week. And we start the show off with the Nexus 5 rumor that started last week and is coming out to play again. The latest tweet from EveWeeks shows a full high-res version of the rumored White Nexus 5 on the backside with the expected black front and it also mentions November 1st as the possible launch date. Now previous rumors have targeted October 31st as the official launch date, but it looks like its happening this week and thats not a trick on Halloween, thats a treat. Now on other Android news, the Nvidia Shield Android hand-held gaming device gets the Android 4.3 Jellybean update but it brings a few new and powerful features. The big one is console mode, which allows it to plug the shield directly into your TV via HDMI and then you can use the Bluetooth gamepad as your controller. The update also add support for thousands of Android games that allow you to map the touch screen controls of games to the hardware controls with the button mapping out. Now its still a niche product that $300 is that it lacks the big Blockbuster games even if you can stream some from your PC. But I like the ct that Nvidia keeps pushing to add new features in content. Now Samsung has said its officially rolling out its own Android 4.3 Jellybean update and that will let US phones like the Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 work with the new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch that previously only paired with the Note 3. Now this alleged grid of release dates shows Verizon will get first dips with the S4 right away and it will roll out through other carriers and phones all the way through December 2nd for the T Mobile Note 2. And LGs G Flex phone is official after all the rumors over the past couple months. The 6-inch Quad-core smartphone that features a curve touch screen and rear control buttons will hit Korea in November by US pricing and availability remains unknown. Now the screens pixel density is a little disappointing for screen buffs at 244 pixels per inch, which isnt the end of the world. But its coolest feature though might be the G Flexs curve booty that sports an elastic self-healing coating that LG says, mends and protects the phone from day to day scuffs and scratches. You know, they should have just call this phone, The Wolverine. That would have been much better. All right, let switch gears and check out our app of the week. It used to be called mini tasker but its now called Condi, but let see how it can help you out. -Im Dan Graciano and Im going to show you how to automate your Android device with an easy-to-use app called mini tasker. Unlike many of its competitors that is free in the Play Store for devices running Android 4.0 or higher. Many taskers designed to automate different Android actions, say you want music to start playing when youre plugging you headphones or maybe you want the brightness to be turned down when your battery is low. All of this and more can be set up in just a few steps. Open mini tasker and click on the plus icon. Select the launching app option and choose the app you wish to use. For me,new york asian escorts its Pandora. Next, click on headset connected and choose which kind of headset youre planning to use. One with the mic, without a mic or any type. For automating the brightness, once again, click on the plus icon. But this time select the screen brightness option and set it to your liking. After hitting OK, scroll to the bottom of the page and select low battery. Mini tasker can also be used to silence a call from the unknown number, send a text message at later time and even change settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at a specific time or place. All of this can be done by clicking the plus icon. But be warn, setting up automated test based on your location may affect your battery life because your phone will constantly check your coordinates. You may have notice the Cloud icon next to the plus symbol. Clicking this will reveal a list of [unk] tests that you can enable on your device. You can also share automated test that youve created with a long press and selecting the three dot symbol. -All right, thanks for all that Dan and well wrap things up with two– what I call different stories surrounding Google. Now, CNET exclusively reported last week that Google has set up shop in the Bay Area and has building a large structure made from shipping or cargo containers on a barge. Now, some evidence even suggests it might be a floating data center and Google already has a pan for the concept. Now the big googs– comment and the Portland press Herald in Maine also ran a story recently with a structure that look similar to the one being built in the San Francisco Bay. Now there also both owned by the same company. Now, other follow up reports claims its gonna be a floating Google Glass store but that makes no sense at all. Also, well just have to wait and see what Google is up to. And a new report from MIT Technology review says, data gather from Googles self-driving cars shows up they are safer and smoother compared to when a human takes the wheel. The reports come from two studies of data from the hundreds of thousands of miles, Google vehicles have logged in California and Nevada. Google has already been testing its cars on public roads since 2010 and to sum it up, driverless cars are already testing better than us, in contrary to popular stereotypes, Im actually a very good driver. Yeah, I know, no one else. So look, I know what get you on the mood. I know how you like that [unk], I put a little [unk] mint leaves on it. I know, yeah. But look, well put a little bit that with some champagne on it. Asian drivers, anyways baby, check this out. All right, thats gonna do for this weeks show. E-mail us at or tweet me BrianTong and well answer what we can. Im Brian Tong. Thank so much for watching all the Google goodness this week and well see you next time for another taste of Googlicious. -Googlicious.

The LG Nexus 4 arrives, but with no LTE

The Nexus 7 Torture Test

CNET Asia gets a First Look at Samsungs newest Android phone, the Galaxy Nexus. The big-screen, feature-packed phone runs on Googles new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.



Sprint CEO We can partner with companies to use their spectrum

The implementation of Clearwires spectrum, which runs at the 2.5GHz frequency, should boost peak speeds to 50 to 60 megabits per second, according Steve Elfman, head of network and operations for Sprint.

Roger ChengRoger Cheng is an executive editor for CNET News. Prior to this, he was on the telecommunications beat and wrote for Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal for nearly a decade. Hes a devoted Trojan alum and Los Angeles Lakers n.

The Sprint executive team fielded a lot of questions about its network deployment plan, as it struggles to catch up with the competition.

Thats according to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, who spoke on a conference call with analysts on Wednesday. Hesse was fielding a question about the search for additional spectrum, the radio airwaves necessary to carry cellular traffic.

Hesse touted the companys position, which has a Frankenstein-like combination of different spectrum, including its core Sprint spectrum and airwaves gleaned from the now-defunct Nextel network and recently acquired Clearwire. While the spectrum is different, Sprints upgraded network would be better able to juggle all of them,new york asian escort model he said.

Dish, of course,Core launched a iled attempt to buy Sprint after the carrier had agreed to Softbanks offer.

Sprint earlier reported a net loss of 313,000 customers, including an even bigger loss of 360,000 contract customers. HessSprint CEO We can partner with companies to use their spectrume warned that the losses would continue into the fourth quarter as it continues to feel the effects of the Nextel network shutdown.

No te pierdas la oportunidad de ganarte esta increble tele con una excepcional calidad de imagen y mucho ms. .

Hesse said he also would look at spectrum auctions as they come up.

Analysts bombarded the Sprint executive with questions about its network upgrade plans. The company, distracted by the takeover of Clearwire and its deal with Japanese carrier SoftBank, has llen behind and now lags even T-Mobile with its LTE deployment.

Sprint potentially could look for partners to augment its wireless network.

Googles own flagship phone has been targeted to drop this week and a CNET exclusive report finds Google is building something top secret in the Bay.

Hesse, however, added that for additional capacity, Sprint could partner with another owner of spectrum to deploy it on its network. Sprints Network Vision upgrade program is installing a network infrastructure thats able to handle multiple bands. He didnt mention any companies, but one candidate is Dish Network, which has acquired a large swath of spectrum from bankruptcy proceedings.


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I should have been sleeping like a log!! I was asked recently, how do I manage my time juggling both work and looking after 3 young kids at the same time? I dont usually answer them immediate. Not t

I forgot where I got this from but take a look at some of the ridiculous laws that we have here in the Democratic Republic of Illinois. City Laws in Illinois

Everyone describes home as sweet home. I too loved its sweetness till I realised there existed creatures who mistook our phrases for their word meanings. Its the mighty ants that am referring to.

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With festive season in full bloom and Diwali hardly three days from today, I have been busy shopping and adding goodies to our home. Shopping ideas for men have always varied vastly from what we women

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We all need a moment of humor to reflect upon every once in a while. Some of you have already seen this. I myself, just got it today from a co-worker. Its a humorous view of the prices we pay per gal

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Imagine the absurdity of two openly gay, recently married middle aged, middle class men escaping the liberal sanctuary of anonymous London to relocate to a Muslim country. I am chronicling our exploits with the mad, the sad, the bad and the glad in a

Say No to Crack

Funny Pictures, Funny Videos, Troll, Derp – LaughP

Lunki and Sika are two Swedish filmmakers on a mission. Within a year they want to achieve the goal of getting their own TV-show in America. Guided by director Janne Widmark, every Monday they get a mission to complete and every Friday they must show

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Die 4 Halbwahrheiten, Aktuelles aus Politik und Gesellschaft, frisch satiert mit dem Blick durch die Blindenbrille bei Mondenschein

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Intel Core™ i5-2410M Processor (3M Cache up to 290 GHz

The above criteria not only applies to searching for processors but also the other products in our catalog including motherboards, chipsets, networking , servers, and chassis.

Intel classifications consist of Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN) and Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) numbers. Any use made of Intel classifications are without recourse to Intel and shall not be construed as a representation oIntel Core™ i5-2410M Processor (3M Cache up to 290 GHzr warranty regarding the proper ECCN or HTS. Your company may be the exporter of record, and as such Core, your company is responsible for determining the correct classification of any item at the time of export.

Loading ….

All information provided is subject to change at any time,new york asian escort without notice. Intel may make changes to manucturing life cycle, specifications, and product descriptions at any time, without notice. The information herein is provided as-is and Intel does not make any representations or warranties whatsoever regarding accuracy of the information, nor on the product features, availability, functionality, or compatibility of the products listed. Please contact system vendor for more information on specific products or systems.


Cameras View camera

Soft focus lenses introduce spherical aberration deliberately into the optical formula for an ethereal effect considered pleasing, and flattering to subjects with less than perfect complexions. The degree of soft-focus effect is determined by either aperture size or special disks that fit into the lens to modify the aperture shape. Some antique lenses, and some modern SLR soft focus lenses, provide a lever that controls the softening effect by altering the optical formula.

Very long focus lenses may require that the camera be fitted with special extra-long rails and bellows. Very short focal length wide-angle lenses may require that the standards be closer together than a normal concertina-folded bellows allows. Such a situation requires a bag bellows, a light-tight flexible bag. Recessed lensboards are also sometimes used to get the rear element of a wide angle lens close enough to the film plane; they may also be of use with telephoto lenses, since these compressed long-focus lenses may also have very small spacing between the back of the lens and the film plane.

It is often incorrectly stated that rear movements can be used to change perspective.

Movements of a Linhof Technika III (5×7)Not all cameras have all movements available to both front and rear standards, and some cameras have more movements available than others. Some cameras have mechanisms that cilitate intricate movement combinations.

. Available for download (PDF). Page number refers to the electronic edition of 29December 2006.

Almost any lens of the appropriate coverage area may be used with almost any view camera. All that is required is that the lens be mounted on a lensboard compatible with the camera. Not all lensboards work with all models of view camera, though different cameras may be designed to work with a common lensboard type. Lensboards usually come with a hole sized according to the shutter size, often called the Copal Number. Copal is the most popular maker of leaf shutters for view camera lenses.

A few rollfilm cameras have movements that make them as versatile as a sheet film view camera. Rollfilm and instant film backs are available to use in place of a sheetfilm holder on a single-film camera.

With a forward tilt, the shape of the portion of a scene in acceptable focus is a wedge. Thus, the scene most likely to benefit from tilting is short in the front and expands to a greater height or thickness toward the horizon. A scene consisting of tall trees in the near, middle and r distance may not lend itself to tilting unless the photographer is willing to sacrifice either the top of the near trees and/or the bottom of the r trees.

Smaller apertures can be used: much smaller apertures can be used than with smaller format cameras before diffraction becomes significant for a given print size.

This effect is often incorrectly thought of as increasing the depth of field. Depth of field depends on the focal length, aperture, and subject distance. As long as the photographer wants sharpness in a plane that is parallel to the film, tilt is of no use. However, tilt has a strong effect on the depth of field by drastically altering its shape, it asymmetrical. Without tilt, the limits of near and r acceptable focus are parallel to the plane of sharp focus as well as parallel to the film. With forward tilt, the plane of sharp focus tilts even more and the near and r limits of acceptable focus form a wedge shape (viewed from the side). Thus, the lens still sees a cone shaped portion of whatever is in front of it while the wedge of acceptable focus is now more closely aligned with this cone. Therefore, depending on the shape of the subject, a wider aperture can be used, lessening concerns about camera stability due to slow shutter speed and diffraction due to too-small aperture.

Extremely large field cameras use 1114 film and larger, or panoramic film sizes such as 410 or 820. These are sometimes called banquet cameras, and once were commonly used to photograph large, posed groups of people to mark occasions, such as banquets or weddings.

A lensboarda flat board, typically square in shape and made of metal or wood, that locks securely into the front standard of a particular view camera, with a central hole of the right size to insert a lens and shutter assembly, usually secured and made light-tight by screwing a ring onto a thread on the rear of the lens assembly. Lensboards, complete with lenses, can be removed and fitted quickly.

Before the introduction of rollfilm, folding plate cameras with limited movements as described here were often used. An example is the Goerz Taro-Tenax 9x12cm.

Press and technical cameras are true view cameras, as almost all of them have a ground glass integral to the film-holder mechanism that allows critical focus and full use of the sometimes limited movements. More expensive examples had a wide array of movements, as well as focusing and compositing aids like rangefinders and viewfinders. They are most often made of metal, designed to fold up quickly for portability, used by press photographers before and during the second world war.

To avoid this apparent distortion, a wide-angle lens gets more of the building in, but includes more of the foreground and alters the perspective. A camera with rising front lets a normal lens be raised to include the top of the building without tilting the camera.

Text is available under the ; additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Viewing through a Sinar F cameraThe camera must be set up in a suitable position. In some cases the subject can also be manipulated, as in a studio. In others the camera must be positioned to photograph subjects such as landscapes. The camera must be mounted in a way that prevents camera motion for the duration of the exposure. Usually a tripod is useda long camera may require two.

Steep learning curve: In addition to needing the knowledge required to operate a fully manual camera, view camera operators must understand a large number of technical matters that are not an issue to most small format photographers. They must understand, for example, view camera movements, bellows ctors, and reciprocity. A great amount of time and study is needed to master those aspects of large format photography, so learning view camera operation requires a high degree of dedication.

Lack of automation: most view cameras are fully manual, requiring time, and allowing even experienced photographers to make mistakes. Some cameras, such as Sinars, have some degree of automation with self-cocking shutters and film-plane metering.

Improved image quality for a print of a given size: The larger a piece of film is, the less detail is lost at a given print size because the larger film requires less enlargement for the same size print. In other words, the same scene photographed on a large-format camera provides a better-quality image and allows greater enlargement than the same image in a smaller format. Additionally, the larger a piece of film is, the more subtle and varied the tonal palette and gradations are at a given print size. A large film size also allows same-size contact printing.

Focusing involves moving the entire front standard with the lens assembly closer to or further away from the rear standard, unlike many lenses on smaller cameras in which one group of lens elements is fixed and another moves.

Some limited view cameratype movements are possible with SLR cameras using various tilt/shift lenses. Also, as use of view cameras declines in vor of digital photography, these movements are simulated using computer software

Digital camera backs are available for view cameras to create digital images instead of using film. Prices are high compared to smaller digital cameras.

Large size and weight: monorail view cameras are unsuitable for handheld photography and are in most cases difficult to transport. A folding bed field camera like a Linhof Technika with a lens-coupled range finder system even allows action photography.

Angular movements of the rear standard change the angle between the lens plane and the film plane just as front standard angular movements do. Though rear standard tilt changes the plane of sharp focus in the same manner as front standard tilt, this is not usually the reason to use rear tilt/swing. When a lens is a certain distance (its focal length) away from the film, distant objects, such as raway mountains, are in focus. Moving the lens rther from the film brings closer objects into focus. Tilting or swinging the film plane puts one side of the film rther from the lens than the center is and the opposite point of the film is therefore closer to the lens.

Special film holders and accessories can fit in place of standard film holders for specific purposes. A Grafmatic, for example, can fit six sheets of film in the space of an ordinary two-sheet holder, and some light meters have an attachment that inserts into the film holder slot on the camera back so the photographer can measure light that lls at a specific point on the film plane. The entire film holder/back assembly is often an industry standard Graflex back, removable so accessories like roll-film holders and digital imagers can be used without altering focus.

The front standard is a board at the front of the camera that holds the lens and, usually, a shutter.

At the other end of the bellows, the rear standard is a frame that holds a ground glass, used for focusing and composing the image before exposureand is replaced by a holder containing the light-sensitive film, plate, or image sensor for exposure. The front and rear standards can move in various ways relative to each other, unlike most other camera types. This provides control over focus, depth of field, and perspective. The camera is usually used on a tripod or other support.

In Figure a) below (images are upside down, as a photographer would see them on the ground glass of a view camera), the lens is in the normal position. Notice that much of the unwanted foreground is included, but not the top of the tower. In Figure b), the lens has been shifted up: the top of the tower is now inside the area captured on film, at the sacrifice of unwanted green foreground.

Monorail camera – This is the most common type of studio view camera, with front and rear standards mounted to a single rail that is fixed to a camera support. This design gives the greatest range of movements and flexibility, with both front and rear standards able to tilt, shift, rise, ll, and swing in similar proportion. These are generally made of metal with leather or synthetic bellows, and are difficult to pack for travel. Sinar and Toyo are popular manucturers of monorail view camera systems. ARCA-Swiss produces monorail cameras for field use in addition to models for the more conventional studio applications. Many manucturers also offer monorail extensions that move the front or rear standards rther away from each other to cilitate focusing on close objects (macrophotography).

for extensive discussions on determining the optimal tilt (if any) in challenging situations.

Front standard tiltThe axis of the lens is normally perpendicular to the film (or sensor). Changing the angle between axis and film by tilting the lens standard backwards or forwards is called lens tilt, or just tilt. Tilt is especially useful in landscape photography. By using the Scheimpflug principle, the plane of sharp focus can be changed so that any plane can be brought into sharp focus. When the film plane and lens plane are parallel as is the case for most 35mm cameras, the plane of sharp focus is also parallel to these two planes. If, however, the lens plane is tilted with respect to the film plane, the plane of sharp focus is also tilted according to geometrical and optical properties. The three planes intersect in a line below the camera for downward lens tilt. The tilted plane of sharp focus is useful, in that this plane can be made to coincide with a near and r object. Thus, both near and r objects on the plane are in focus.

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The ability to distort the shape of the image by skewing the film plane: This is most often to reduce or eliminate, or deliberately exaggerate, convergence of lines that are parallel in the subject. If a camera with parallel film and lens planes is pointed at an angle to a plane subject with parallel lines, the lines appear to converge in the image, becoming closer to each other the further away from the camera they are. With a view camera the rear standard can be swung toward the wall to reduce this convergence. If the standard is parallel to the wall, convergence is entirely eliminated. Moving the rear standard this way skews the plane of focus, which can be corrected with a front swing in the same direction as the rear swing.

Low resale value is an advantage for buyers, but not for sellers. A top-of-the-line 810 camera that cost $8,000 new can often be bought in excellent condition, with additional accessories, for $1,500.

Shallow depth of field: view cameras require longer focal length lenses than smaller format cameras, especially for the larger sizes, with shallower depth of field.

Often, a photographer uses a magnifying lens, usually a high quality loupe,new york asian escorts to critically focus the image. An addition over the ground glass called a Fresnel lens can considerably brighten the ground glass image (with a slight loss of focusing accuracy). The taking lens may be stopped down to help gauge depth of field effects and vignetting, but the photographer generally opens the lens to its widest setting for focusing.

Basic view camera terminologyThe view camera is a type of camera first developed in the era of the daguerreotype

Shallow depth of field: view cameras require longer focal length lenses than smaller format cameras, especially for the larger sizes, with shallower depth of field, letting the photographer focus solely on the subject.

Some of these disadvantages can be viewed as advantages. For example, slow setup and composure time allow the photographer to better visualize the image before an exposure. The shallow depth of field can be used to emphasize certain details and deemphasize others (in bokeh style, for example), especially combined with camera movements. The high cost of film and processing encourages careful planning. Because view cameras are rather difficult to set up and focus, the photographer must seek the best camera position, perspective, etc. before exposing. Beginning 35mm photographers are even sometimes advised to use a tripod specifically because it slows down the picture-taking process.

Small maximum aperture: it is not feasible to make long focal length lenses with the wide maximum apertures available with shorter focal lengths.

Field camera – These have the front and rear standard mounted on sliding rails fixed to a hinged flat bed that is fixed to a camera support (tripod, etc.). These cameras are usually made of wood, or sometimes lightweight and strong composites such as carbon fiber. With bellows fully retracted, the flat bed folds up, reducing the camera to a relatively small, light, and portable box. The price for this portability is that the stCameras View cameraandards are not as mobile or as adjustable as on a monorail design. The rear standard in particular may be fixed and offer no movement. These large format but transportable cameras are popular with landscape photographers. Tachihara and Wisner are examples of modern field cameras at opposite ends of the price scale.

Zoom lenses are not used in view camera photography, as there is no need for rapid and continuous change of focal length with static subjects, and the price, size, weight, and complexity would be excessive. Some lenses are convertible: the front or rear element only, or both elements, may be used, giving three different focal lengths, though the quality of the single elements is not as good at larger apertures as the combination. These are popular with field photographers who can save weight by carrying one convertible lens rather than two or three lenses of different focal lengths. Older convertible lenses may not be corrected for chromatic aberration, them unsatisctory with color film.

Front standard swingAltering the angle of the lens standard in relation to the film plane by swiveling it from side to side is called swing. Swing is like tilt, but in the horizontal axis. Swing can help achieve sharp focus along the entire length of a picket fence, for example.

The ability to skew the plane of critical focus: In a camera without movements the film plane is always parallel to the lens plane. A camera with tilts and swings let the photographer skew the plane of focus away from the parallel in any direction, which in many cases can bring the image of a subject that is not parallel to the lens plane into near-to-r focus without stopping down the aperture excessively. Both standards can be tilted through the horizontal or swung through the vertical axes to change the plane of focus. Tilts and swings of the front standard alone do not alter or distort shapes or converging lines in the image; tilts and swings of the rear standard do affect these things, as well as the plane of focus: if the plane of focus must be skewed without altering shapes in the image, front movements alone must be used. The Scheimpflug principle explains the relationship between lens tilts and swings, and the plane of sharp focus.

The lens is designed to split into two pieces, the front and rear elements screwed, usually by a trained technician, into the front and back of the shutter assembly, and the whole fitted in a lensboard.

Tilting achieves the desired depth of field using the aperture at which the lens performs best. Too small an aperture risks losses to diffraction and camera/subject motion what is gained from depth of field. Only testing a given scene, or experience, shows whether tilting is better than leaving the standards neutral and relying on the aperture alone to achieve the desired depth of field. If the scene is sharp enough at f/32 with 2 degrees of tilt but would need f/64 with zero tilt, then tilt is the solution. If another scene would need f/45 with or without tilt, then nothing is gained. See Merklinger

To take the photograph, the photographer pulls back the ground glass and slides the film holder into its place. The shutter is then closed and cocked, the shutter speed and aperture set. The photographer removes the darkslide that covers the sheet of film in the film holder, and triggers the shutter to make the exposure. Finally, the photographer replaces the darkslide and removes the film holder with the exposed film.

The ground glass and frame assembly, known as the spring back, is held in place by springs that pull and hold the ground glass firmly into the plane of focus during the focusing and composition process. Once focusing is complete, the same springs act as a flexible clamping mechanism to press the film holder into the same plane of focus that the ground glass occupied.

Several types of view cameras are used for different purposes Cameras, and provide different degrees of movement and portability. They include:

The bellows is a flexible, accordion-pleated box. It encloses the space between the lens and film, and flexes to accommodate the movements of the standards.

The only thing that truly controls perspective is the location of the camera in relation to the objects in the frame. Rear movements can let a photographer shoot a subject from a perspective that puts the camera at an angle to the subject, yet still achieves parallel lines. Thus, rear movements allow a change of perspective by allowing a different camera location, yet no view camera movement actually alters perspective.

Front standard riseRise and ll are the movements of either the front or rear standard vertically along a line in a plane parallel to the film (or sensor) plane. Rise is a very important movement especially in architectural photography. Generally, the lens is moved verticallyeither up or downalong the lens plane to change the portion of the image captured on the film. In the 35mm format, special shift lenses (sometimes called perspective control lenses) emulate the rise or ll of view cameras.

Front standard shiftMoving the front standard left or right from its normal position is called lens shift, or simply shift. This movement is similar to rise and ll, but moves the image horizontally rather than vertically. One use for shift is to remove the image of the camera from the final image when photographing a reflective suce.

View camera lenses are designed with both focal length and coverage in mind. A 300mm lens may give a different angle of view (either over 31 or over 57), depending on whether it was designed to cover a 45 or 810 image area. Most lenses are designed to cover more than just the image area to accommodate camera movements.

Photographers use view cameras to control focus and convergence of parallel lines. Image control is done by moving the front and/or rear standards. Movements are the ways the front and rear standards can move to alter perspective and focus. The term can also refer to the mechanisms on the standards that control their position.

View cameras use sheet film but can use roll film (generally 120/220 size) by using special roll film holders. Popular normal image formats for the 45 camera are 66, 67, and 69cm. 612 and 617cm are suited to panoramic photography.

High cost: there is limited demand for view cameras, so that there are no economies of scale and they are much more expensive than mass-produced cameras. Some are handmade. Even though the cost of sheet film and processing is much higher than rollfilm, fewer sheets of film are exposed, which partially offsets the cost.

This requires that the image circle of the lens be larger than is required to cover the film without use of movements. If the lens can produce a circular image just large enough to cover the film, it cant cover the bottom of the film as it rises. Consequently, lens coverage must be larger to accommodate rises (and lls, and shifts).

With an inexpensive modification of the darkslide, and no modification to the camera, half a sheet of film can be exposed at a time. While this technique could be used for economy where a larger image is not required, it is almost always used with the intention of obtaining a panoramic format so that, for example, a 45 camera can take two 25 photos, an 810 can take two 410s etc. This is popular for landscape photography, and in the past was common for group photographs (hence, half-frame panorama formats such as 4×10 are commonly referred to as Banquet formats)

(1840s-50s) and still in use today, though with many refinements. It comprises a flexible bellows that forms a light-tight seal between two adjustable standards, one of which holds a lens, and the other a viewfinder or a photographic film holder.

View cameras use one sheet per photograph. Standard sizes in inches are: 45, 57, 410, 512, 810, 1114, 717, 820, 1220, and 2024. (It is usual to list the short side first in the Americas, and the long side in many other countries, thus 45 is the same as 54). A similar, but not identical, range of metric sizes is used in many countries; thus 912cm is similar to, but not interchangeable with, 45inches. The most widely used format is 45, followed by 810.

A more modern development is the highly portable Sinar arTec view camera, which doesnt fit within any of the above criteria. It was designed primarily for architectural photography. It has the novel ability to take panoramic stitched images by means of a built-in step and repeat mechanism.

A shutteran electronic or spring-actuated mechanism that controls exposure duration. Some early shutters were air-actuated. For long exposures, a lens with no shutter (a barrel lens) can be uncovered for the duration of the exposure by removing a lens cap.

Assuming lens axis front tilt, here are the trade offs in choosing between a small degree of tilt (say less than 3) and a larger tilt: A small tilt causes a wider or tter wedge but one that is r off axis from the cone of light seen by the lens. Conversely, a large tilt (say 10 degrees) makes the wedge more aligned with the lens view, but with a narrower wedge. Thus, a modest tilt is often, or even usually, the best starting point. Small and medium format cameras have fixed bodies that do not allow for misalignment of the film and lens planes, intentionally or not. Tilt/shift (TS) or perspective control (PC) lenses that provide limited movements for these cameras can be purchased from a number of lens makers. High-quality TS or PC lenses are expensive. The price of a new Canon TS-E or Nikon PC-E lens is comparable to that of a good used large-format camera, which offers a much greater range of adjustment.

To operate the view camera, the photographer opens the shutter on the lens to focus and compose the image on a ground glass plate on the rear standard. The rear standard holds the ground glass in the same plane that the film later occupiesso that an image focused on the ground glass is focused on the film. The ground glass image can be somewhat dim and difficult to view in bright light. Photographers often use a focusing cloth or dark cloth over their heads and the rear of the camera. The dark cloth shrouds the viewing area and keeps environmental light from obscuring the image. In the dark space created by the dark cloth, the image appears as bright as it can, so the photographer can view, focus, and compose the image.

Sheet film holders are generally interchangeable between various brands and models of view cameras, adhering to de cto standards. The largest cameras and more uncommon formats are less standardized.

The main effect of rise is to eliminate converging parallels when photographing tall buildings. If a camera without movements is pointed at a tall building, the top is off. If the camera is tilted upwards to get it all in, the film plane is not parallel to the building, and the building seems narrower at the top than the bottom: lines that are parallel in the object converge in the image.

One reason to swing or tilt the rear standard is to keep the film plane parallel to the ce of the subject. Another reason to swing or tilt the rear standard is to control apparent convergence of lines when shooting subjects at an angle.